Monday, August 18, 2014

Comics that don't stink

I love comics that stink, almost as much as I love great comics. The ones in the middle...not so much.
The ever excellent Mister Kitty International
reviews blasts from the past in my favorite regular feature- Stupid Comics!

In honor of their 400th posting, their paid homage to comics that they loved, and I thought I would pass this along.

From Stupid Comics @ Mister Kitty International

From EC Comics, "Master Race",  Bernie Krigstein

Friday, August 15, 2014

Awesome looking book


ASMR- Running Bathtub

The movement of water is my favorite sound. An attachment to the sound of oceans, rivers, streams, rain and the like has gone back to my childhood. However, something far more mundane is my decided favorite.

Running bathtubs.

Yep.Sounds kind of wacky, but I find the gurgling and low pitched reverberation to be incredibly relaxing. It takes me back to a younger age.

I was glad to learn that I was not alone.

Running bathtubs always seemed to fill too quickly, even if you turned the faucet WAY down (unfortunately at the expense of a satisfying filling sound). This has finally been aided by a growing number of tub filling videos. Did Al Gore ever think his internet was going to be used for this?

I have attempted to collect a number of them below.

This is my favorite theme in all of ASMR- filling bathtubs in no particular order. My greatest thanks to all of the people who posted the content. These links are there to make referencing their material easier.

Low pitched bath filling- one hour
Home bath, see if you can catch the human voice in  the middle!

Combines bubbles, under water recording, and then draining of the tub. Quite a tour de force!

This is another that captures under water . There is a longer relative out there...

Excellent recording quality (one of the best). Unfortunately rather short.

Very good loop for falling asleep. One hour.

Really long (12 hours) and psychedelic for when that is what you need

Long and goes to black screen which is good for sleeping (8+ hrs)

lots of bathtubs filling at (a GREAT site...). Try sorting by length.

Please feel free to post comments and make suggestions. I know this is a bit of a niche market.

ASMR- Pending Compilations

If you are a fan of ASMR videos, you undoubtedly have your favorite themes. I certainly do, and I would like to post a series of compilations , if not just for the sake of having them all in one location. I will start with one of my favorites: running water- filling bathtubs.

See you in the next post!